Oil Lamp ‘Buenos Diyas’ Small Set of 4


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The ‘Buenos Diyas’ oil lamp by Casegoods is made of untreated cast brass and reinterprets an Indian tradition with a modern expression. The surface of the small brass vegetable oil lamp will develop a beautiful and personal patina over time and will last you a lifetime. Approximately 10 cotton wicks included – cut in half to double the amount.

● Material: Brass and cotton wick.
● Dimensions: Ø 50 x H 28 mm.
● Usage: Fill the oil lamp ¾ full with the vegetable oil of your choice (not included) and place the wick so that approximately one centimetre of it is above the surface of the oil. Ignite and enjoy the soft light.
● Care: The brass will develop a patina through oxidation over time. Clean and polish periodically with a brass polish agent if you want to retain its golden sheen.
● Please note: When ignited, the lamp becomes hot. Please take care not to place it on any surface that may burn, such as for example wood and fabric.