Scented Candle ‘No 5 Banira Wood’


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Quod is a vegan and organic scented candle produced in Sweden. Subtly scented with custom-designed fragrances, the soy wax is poured into porcelain vessels made at the former Rörstrand factory just outside Lidköping. The vessels, glazed by hand, make for beautiful vases, jars or storage containers long after the candle has burned out. Quod’s signature three-hole lid should be removed when the candle is lit, and doubles as a coaster. Burn time is approximately 80 hours.

No 5 Banira Wood is an unexpected oriental take on vanilla scent, with musk, cedar and sandalwood as a base, a heart of jasmine and heliotrope, and top notes of blackcurrant, pears, bergamot, tangerine and cardamom. 

Material: Organic soy wax and organic cotton wick
Dimensions: ø 90 mm x 100 mm
Volume: 310 g