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A Week of Expression

After an incredibly fun week spent in Stockholm, the capital of our home country of Sweden, at Stockholm Design Week and the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, we can once again establish that the world is full of talent and creativity.

Here are six of the highlights that caught our eye or made a special impression.

The Baker’s House

The old turn of the century dark and substantial interior space of the ancestral home of Emma Marga Blanche, co-founder of Färg & Blanche design studio, forms the backdrop for their Stockholm Design Week exhibition. We loved the setting and the personal story behind the home, as told by the duo themselves.

Soul of Nature

Our visit to the Kasthall showroom did not disappoint. The airy space was impeccably styled by Lotta Agaton and showcased the high quality that Kasthall rugs represent in a relevant way, complemented by select pieces from a number of designers and collaborators.

The Fenix Palace

Residence Magazine had, like Färg & Blanche, chosen a rich setting for their exhibition this year, which took place at Fenix Palatset. Ariake, Nedre Foss, Origin, Turn Handles, Wästberg, A part among others co-hosted the week-long expo, curated by Residence’s editor-in-chief Hanna Nova Beatrice and included works from Anderssen & Voll, Keiji Ashizawa, Staffan Holm and Norm Architects.

Into the Light

The Dux pop-up showroom was done in collaboration with Danish design firm Norm Architects who curated the expo while Tham & Videgård architectural firm designed the monochrome and bright space, featuring soft and natural colours and a number of Dux super comfortable puffy furniture along with the firm’s classics.


On slick and icy sidewalks we made our way to experience the ‘Scentence’ project, which was unveiled during Stockholm Design Week. The project manifested as a sculpture was created as a collaboration between Muro Scents Co., Monica Förster Design Studio, Frankly//Aakerlund, and furniture maker Zanat. The creatives have come together to each create a sensual experience of memory and feelings, evoked by tailor-made scents.

Spatial Sensibilities

Even though this list is by no means ranked, but a mere representation of some of the things that resonated with us, the ‘Spatial Sensibilities’ expo was definitely on top of our list of memorable experiences. Andreas Martin Löf collaborated with Frama to showcase his own apartment, oozing craftsmanship and careful upgrading of a vintage environment, complemented by minimalist furniture and art objects.

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