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10 Everyday Routines and Rituals for a Slower and Richer Life

Bring Mindfulness to Your Daily Routine: 10 Simple Ways to Slow Down

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We often find ourselves constantly rushing from one task to the next, neglecting to take the time to slow down and appreciate the present moment. This is where the concept of slow living comes in.

Slow living is all about taking the time to appreciate the little things, being mindful of the present, and creating a sense of balance in our lives. Here, we will explore 10 everyday routines and rituals that can help you slow down, ground yourself and create a richer and more fulfilling life experience.

It’s important to remember that slow living is not about perfection, but rather about finding a sense of balance and contentment in your daily life.

Start Your Day with a Cup of Coffee or Tea

Taking a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning is a simple yet powerful ritual that can help you start your day on a positive note.

Savour the flavours and aromas of your beverage while planning out your day. Use a handcrafted mug to make the experience even more special.


Reflect in a Journal

Set aside a few minutes each day to reflect on your thoughts and feelings by journaling.

Use a beautiful notebook to make the experience more enjoyable, and consider adding in prompts or quotes to help guide your reflections.

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Create a Calming Atmosphere with Scents

Using a diffuser with essential oils or incense is a simple way to create a calming atmosphere in your home.

The soothing scents can help to promote relaxation and mindfulness, making it a perfect ritual to incorporate into your evening routine.

Make Your Bed with Luxurious Linens

Creating a cosy and inviting space to come back to at the end of the day can make a big difference in your overall well-being.

Make your bed with luxurious linens and add a few decorative pillows to create a sense of warmth and comfort.

Take a Break to Stretch and Move Your Body

Taking a break during the day to stretch and move your body can help to release tension, increase energy levels, and improve overall well-being.

Use a yoga mat or meditation cushion to make the experience more comfortable.

Cook a Meal from Scratch

Take the time to cook a meal from scratch using fresh ingredients and high-quality cookware.

Not only will the meal taste better, but the process of cooking can be a meditative and grounding experience.

Create a Bedtime Routine

Having a bedtime routine can help you wind down for a good night’s sleep.

Consider reading a book from a comfortable armchair or bedside lamp, or even taking a warm bath before heading to bed.

Use a Natural Skincare Routine

Take time to pamper yourself and care for your body by using a natural skincare routine.

Not only will your skin look and feel better, but the process can be a relaxing and grounding experience.

Decorate Your Space with Meaningful Items

Decorating your living space with items that tell a story and reflect your personal style can create a sense of warmth and comfort.

Consider adding a piece of artwork or a vintage vase that holds special meaning to you.

Connect with Loved Ones

Take time to connect with loved ones, whether it’s through a phone call, a handwritten letter or a face-to-face visit.

These connections can help to remind us of the important things in life and provide a sense of grounding.

The Guide to Cleaning with Probiotics

Did You Know That Clean Isn’t Exactly Clean?

Regular cleaning products, even those who claim to kill 99.99% of all germs, fail to keep your house clean. Why? The tiny remainder of germs left by that environmentally hazardous agent that you just sprayed, will multiply exponentially in minutes.

This is where biotechnology and probiotic cleaning come into play. Apart from being environmentally friendly, they replace all 25 colourful bottles of different synthetic cleaning products that take up valuable storage space.

Probiotic cleaning products contain live bacteria that feed on organic matter. Spray probiotic cleaning products onto a surface and billions of beneficial bacteria are released onto the surfaces for a deep and lasting cleaning effect. The good bacteria quickly get busy consuming every microscopic item that gets in their way. They find their way deep into cracks and crevices and keep going for several days, eating bad germs, killing bad odours and removing residue.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean with Microbes

We keep a bottle of Pure Effect All Clean probiotic cleaning by the kitchen sink. It is pH-neutral and can be used on all surfaces including sensitive materials such as stone and marble, it will break down grease on the stove and keep the refrigerator fresh and clean inside and out.

Wiping your kitchen table with a probiotic cleaning product is a great way to clean and sanitize it.

A Spotless and Odour-free Bathroom

Replace all your intrusively smelling cleaning products with a probiotic cleaning agent. It keeps all of your bathrooms clean and magically removes any smells simply by consuming bacteria that may cause unpleasant odours.

Probiotic cleaning even solves problems with lime residue and stains bound by lime deposits. Spray it on glass shower walls, on the taps, in your bathtub and sink to keep them and the toilet bowl all clean, smell free and shiny.

Probiotic Stain Removal

Instead of rubbing harsh chemicals on stained fabrics or clothes, try probiotic cleaning instead. It can often break down organic stains from berries, vegetables, food stains, fat and more quite effectively allowing it to be eliminated when washed.

Keep Your Clothes Odour-free

Using probiotic spray on your clothes and shoes is a way of keeping them fresh for longer, cutting down on your laundry loads. Spraying probiotic microbes on your coats, hats, beanies, scarves and shoes will eliminate any unpleasant smells and keeping your hallway from smelling like a consignment store.

Cleaning Floors with Probiotics

Instead of dousing your floors in invasively smelling chemicals when mopping, use probiotics instead to clean. It is scent-free, releases millions of active cleaning microbes and keeps the floor clean for days.

How Dirty is Your Device?

It goes without saying that some of the filthiest things that we own and use are mobile phones, computers and tablets. Spray some probiotic cleaning agent on a clean rag and wipe down your phone and laptop once in a while. The probiotic cleaning microbes will keep them fresh, clean and sanitized.

When Did Your Knob Get a Good Wipe Down?

Door handles, pulls, and cabinet doors rarely benefit from a good clean and really could use a good clean from time to time. Another place often overlooked that would benefit from the biochemical ingredients of probiotic cleaning products is your car interior. Turn signal stalks, the steering wheel, the shift knob and the parking brake lever are all usually invisibly filthy and benefit from some probiotic cleaning love from time to time.

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Cosy for Autumn

How to Infuse Autumnal Cosiness Into Your Home

That autumnal feel is in the air again. Nippy mornings, veils of mist at dusk and foliage that rapidly changing colour from green to earthy tones of yellow, chestnut, brown and red. We scour the closets and cupboards for warm jackets, scarves and gloves and the pace of life seems to be a bit slower than during the height of summer.

This time of year is also the perfect time to cosy up your home a little. Here are six simple steps to get your home ready for autumn.

Layer the Home with Textiles

Snuggle up on a cosy sofa full of soft linen cushions from By Mölle. Wrap yourself in a super soft linen throw and enjoy a cup of tea.

Breathe new life into your bedroom with some new bed linen from Read The Label and Alfred. Match your bedding with a warm blanket that can double as a throw or bedspread.

A great way to infuse a layered and warm look and feel is to ad rugs. Deep and plush vintage rya rugs are a fantastic way to warm your feet on a cold day while looking incredibly cool at the same time.

Ad Depth and Warmth Through Lighting

Shorter days means a greater need for illumination. Start your day serenely by lighting a candle and enjoy the gently flickering flame. Take a look at one of our favourites – the tall handmade vegetable stearin candles from Alterlyset. They can be placed without a candlestick or holder.

Another favourite of ours for a cosier home is the solid brass oil lamps from Casegoods. Mix different sizes for a greater impact, both for illumination and from a styling perspective.

In general, the more illumination the better. A room with several more or less dimmed points of light placed on tables, in a bookcase and on a windowsill gives a more layered look and exudes autumnal cosiness.

Bring Autumn Inside

While summer’s colourful flowers may have done most of their work in the garden this time of year, it doesn’t mean that it is the end. Tall grasses, twigs with wilting leaves and seedpods from perennials may be harvested and brought inside.

Place as solitary decorative objects in a vase such as the modern classic ‘Pallo’ by designer Carina Seth Andersson. Or assemble magnificent bouquets for the mighty ‘Kolonn’ vase, designed to commemorate the reopening of the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm. Both are made by hand at Skrufs Glasbruk in Sweden.

The Scent of Autumn

When temperatures drop and the wind is picking up it is time to lift the spirits by burning some incense or scented candles. We love delicate scents that don’t overpower the space but delicately shows their presence. Scents are a powerful medium to evoke memories and why not fill your home with scents of good memories?

If incense or candles are not your things, we suggest diffusers as a means to lovely scents that do not involve any fire. We use diffusers and scents from Aoiro. They are a design studio dedicated to developing delicate scents from all-natural essential oils.

Setting the Mood

As summer draws to an end it is time to take the party inside. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. With the right look and feel, a table set with thoughtfulness and attention to detail is the highlight of the season. Try the subdued tableware from Hasami Porcelain.

Ad linen table cloths and linen napkins from Alfred for a little sense of occasion, or set the table without for a less formal look. Don’t skimp on candles and by all means, mix new holders with vintage heirlooms.

Use features such as candles and floral arrangements to create a sense of multidimensionality to your dining table.

But First, Start with a Clean Slate

Everyone disfavours to clean, but everyone loves a clean house. Make sure to not skip this part before doing all the fun stuff.

Autumn is oftentimes a season of changes. A very easy and environmentally conscious one to make is skipping all intrusive and artificially smelling cleaning products and replacing them with probiotic cleaning products. Get rid of the chemicals and the sea of different bottles from your cleaning cupboard, all claiming different magical cleaning results. Replace them all with one general-purpose cleaner and one for tougher dirt for use in bathrooms and WC’s. Both are made by Swedish manufacturer Pure Effect. Learn more in our guide to cleaning with probiotics.

5 Steps to a Great Cup of Coffee

All in One Cup

A lot goes into making a good cup of coffee. With our easy access to it, the long process from seed to cup and the hard work of the farmers and roasters is so easily taken for granted. And if we aren’t careful, all of that effort can be completely undone if we don’t treat the coffee bean with the respect that it deserves when we brew our cup of coffee.

The wonderful thing with coffee is that there’s no accounting for taste. Seemingly everyone has their own version of what the perfect cup of coffee is supposed to taste like. Here are the five steps to a great cup of coffee. According to us, that is.

Choose Your Beans

Choosing your coffee can feel like an overwhelming task, and with so many options there is just no way around it. Think if it as choosing wine – the more you try, the easier it will be to find your favourites. Just remember to make sure whatever you pick is fresh and of high quality.

We’ve worked our way through the coffee from a bunch of local roasters, and love Malmö-based Lilla Kafferosteriet’s ’Bistro’ blend.

Rinse the Filter Well

Espresso, aeropress, percolator … there are just so many methods of making joe appear. As fans of regular brewed, we find that a pour-over suits us.

Don’t let the simple look of the Hario V60 dripper fool you – it is a brilliant and easy way to make a mean cup of coffee. But before you do, make sure to rinse your filter paper and pour out the access water. Trust us, it will make your coffee taste a whole lot better.

The Daily Grind

For a Hario V60, a medium-fine grind will do the trick. Pour a scoop of ground coffee (or 18 grams per cup, if you’d like to be precise) into the filter.

Just Add Water

Once the water has reached the boiling point, let it sit for 45 seconds before you start pouring. Slowly pour some water in the centre of the filter before working outwards in circular motions.

For those in the know, there is a whole pour strategy that can be worth exploring. Practice makes perfect. 

Get it While Its Hot

Once all the water has passed through, pour yourself a cup. You’ll notice that the flavour changes as the beverage cools down.

Most importantly, enjoy!

5 Steps to a Personal Home

Creating a Home with Character

We often get questions about how we, working in the interior design business, think and do when it comes to our own home. There is no straight answer and there is nothing right or wrong, as you are the one that needs to feel at home in and enjoy your house.

However, here are five general ideas that we usually adhere to when creating interior spaces for ourselves.

Firstly, Look at Your House

Just purchased a row house built in 2018? A mid-century gem by architect so and so? Or a 19th-century country cottage?

Consider what general style and vibe goes best with the location and the house itself, but be bold and expressive by throwing unexpected items or furniture into the mix.

An Interior Design Plan

Before heading out, scouring the market for designer furniture and interior design objects, make sure that you have a plan.

Coherence is key if you like structure and tranquillity in your home. A simple moodboard goes a long way.

Go for the Real Deal

Skip those inexpensive knock-offs. Don’t spend your money on fake goods. Plagiarism is an effective way to kill the means of income for skilled craftsmen and designers.

Buy the real deal, or not at all.

Surround Yourself with Old Souls

Remember that old houses have a soul. So do vintage design items and furniture pieces. High-quality craftsmanship has gone into making them.

After generations of use, they often come with a beautiful patina, adding personality and style to your home.

Trust that Gut Feeling

That adage goes even when shopping for home interior items and furniture. Interrupt those latest trends and fads by incorporating stuff that you really want.

Love at first sight? Just go for it!

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