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Sounds of the Season

Spring 2022 Playlist

An Ode to New Beginnings

With each sunray that hits the bare skin, we feel our bodies slowly being re-energised and come alive. Spring has come and with it an explosive vigour that manifests itself in everything around us.

Spring is a time for shedding the old and starting afresh. New beginnings. Let’s make 2022 count.

Winter 2021/2022 Playlist

As Winter Comes to an End

We’re probably not the only ones that feel that the winter has been exceptionally long this year. As all the things we thought we knew about the world seem to change on a daily basis, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or discouraged. 

We have created this playlist for you, encouraging you to enjoy the good moments, and stay positive in the bad. And know that everything will be alright.

Autumn 2021 Playlist

A Serene Walk in the Forest

On most days, we try to squeeze in a walk right after lunch. It’s an effective way to get up from behind the computer screen and get some exercise. But most importantly, we find that it also allows our brain some freedom, to think some other thoughts for a little while.

We have gathered ten tracks to accompany you during those relaxing walks in forests covered in intense autumn foliage.

Summer 2021 Playlist

Swedish midsummer playlist

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Endless evenings, dinners under the sky that slowly goes from orange to pink to deepest of blue. Surrounded by lush greenery and the delicate scent of freshly cut grass. The height of summer solstice and the beginning of the holidays.

This playlist is what we add to the summer vibe at TypeO this summer.

Spring 2021 Playlist

Pale Skin, Bright Sunlight

Pale skin that is instantly scorched by the bright sun. The overwhelming sound of birds singing spring’s praise. The delicate beauty of white blossoms. The slightly musty sweet scent of blooming rapeseed fields. That, in short, is what spring in Hunnestad is all about.

In TypeO House, music is always present. Here’s what we’re currently listening to. Enjoy!

Winter 2020/2021 Playlist

Free as a Bird

As we are settling into a new year, we are keen on setting in motion new ideas, exploring new routines and enjoying more freedoms than last year was able to give us. These last few weeks, we’ve often found ourselves gazing out our windows at the birds. Their flying – wherever they please – has us dreaming of a time where we yet again can move around, meet people and enjoy life to the fullest.

The theme for our winter playlist is freedom and hope of a better year.

TypeO Journal

Slow Living in the Swedish countryside. Updated every Saturday.


Autumn 2020 Playlist

The Feeling of Being Alive

It is alright to feel moody sometimes. It is perfectly fine to feel apprehensive about the state of the world, and anxious about where it might be heading. It isn’t strange to be in a pensive state of mind over one season coming to an end, and the beginning of a new one.

For the next issue of Belgian magazine Akt, we contributed with an essay on melancholy. With modern society emphasising happiness as the most desirable of emotions, we wanted to make the case for melancholy, which has been getting a bad rep lately. In the text, we also investigate the correlation between sadness and creativity, and how – for us at least – music has the power to put us in different moods to get our creative juices flowing. This playlist is dedicated to sombre autumn days. Which, if you think about it, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Summer 2020 Playlist

Summer with a Difference

In getting accustomed to the new normal world we live in, we’ve had to let go of some of the things we’ve come to love from the summer. Goodbye music festivals, impromptu weekend getaways in European metropolises and bar hopping late into the Scandinavian summer nights. 

Instead, we welcome secluded rural cottage life, the search for the perfect remote beach, the quest for the perfect picnic and other sublime experiences in nature. We’ve gathered ten favourite new tunes to accompany you on this very different summer.

TypeO Journal

Slow Living in the Swedish countryside. Updated every Saturday.


Spring 2020 Playlist

Cautiously Coming to Life

Spring is here and seldom has the future felt more unchartered. In times like these, we like to shorten our time perspective, look to what we can actually oversee and focus on things that do remain the same. Like the yearly blooming of wood anemones, that sway gently in the wind outside our window.

Here is TypeO’s selection of tunes for the highly unusual spring of 2020, and time we surely will remember.

TypeO Journal

Slow Living in the Swedish countryside. Updated every Saturday.


Winter 2019/2020 Playlist

Winter Hibernation

With the Holidays – and the overdose of jingles that come with it – behind us, we are embracing winter cocooning at TypeO House. Winter in Scandinavia is cold and dark, so rather than fighting the feeling that tells us to hibernate, we try to listen to what our body needs.

Following nature’s cues, where days are shorter and nights are longer, we rise with daylight and start slowing down as the light departs. The Scandinavian winter season can be particularly rough on both body and mind, so why not be kind to yourself? Here is our collection of tunes to accompany you through winter.

TypeO Journal

Slow Living in the Swedish countryside. Updated every Saturday.


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