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All in One Cup

A lot goes into making a good cup of coffee. With our easy access to it, the long process from seed to cup and the hard work of the farmers and roasters is so easily taken for granted. And if we aren’t careful, all of that effort can be completely undone if we don’t treat the coffee bean with the respect that it deserves when we brew our cup of coffee.

The wonderful thing with coffee is that there’s no accounting for taste. Seemingly everyone has their own version of what the perfect cup of coffee is supposed to taste like. Here are the five steps to a great cup of coffee. According to us, that is.

Choose Your Beans

Choosing your coffee can feel like an overwhelming task, and with so many options there is just no way around it. Think if it as choosing wine – the more you try, the easier it will be to find your favourites. Just remember to make sure whatever you pick is fresh and of high quality.

We’ve worked our way through the coffee from a bunch of local roasters, and love Malmö-based Lilla Kafferosteriet’s ’Bistro’ blend.

Rinse the Filter Well

Espresso, aeropress, percolator … there are just so many methods of making joe appear. As fans of regular brewed, we find that a pour-over suits us.

Don’t let the simple look of the Hario V60 dripper fool you – it is a brilliant and easy way to make a mean cup of coffee. But before you do, make sure to rinse your filter paper and pour out the access water. Trust us, it will make your coffee taste a whole lot better.

The Daily Grind

For a Hario V60, a medium-fine grind will do the trick. Pour a scoop of ground coffee (or 18 grams per cup, if you’d like to be precise) into the filter.

Just Add Water

Once the water has reached the boiling point, let it sit for 45 seconds before you start pouring. Slowly pour some water in the centre of the filter before working outwards in circular motions.

For those in the know, there is a whole pour strategy that can be worth exploring. Practice makes perfect. 

Get it While Its Hot

Once all the water has passed through, pour yourself a cup. You’ll notice that the flavour changes as the beverage cools down.

Most importantly, enjoy!


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