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How to Infuse Autumnal Cosiness Into Your Home

That autumnal feel is in the air again. Nippy mornings, veils of mist at dusk and foliage that rapidly changing colour from green to earthy tones of yellow, chestnut, brown and red. We scour the closets and cupboards for warm jackets, scarves and gloves and the pace of life seems to be a bit slower than during the height of summer.

This time of year is also the perfect time to cosy up your home a little. Here are six simple steps to get your home ready for autumn.

Layer the Home with Textiles

Snuggle up on a cosy sofa full of soft linen cushions from By Mölle. Wrap yourself in a super soft linen throw and enjoy a cup of tea.

Breathe new life into your bedroom with some new bed linen from Read The Label and Alfred. Match your bedding with a warm blanket that can double as a throw or bedspread.

A great way to infuse a layered and warm look and feel is to ad rugs. Deep and plush vintage rya rugs are a fantastic way to warm your feet on a cold day while looking incredibly cool at the same time.

Ad Depth and Warmth Through Lighting

Shorter days means a greater need for illumination. Start your day serenely by lighting a candle and enjoy the gently flickering flame. Take a look at one of our favourites – the tall handmade vegetable stearin candles from Alterlyset. They can be placed without a candlestick or holder.

Another favourite of ours for a cosier home is the solid brass oil lamps from Casegoods. Mix different sizes for a greater impact, both for illumination and from a styling perspective.

In general, the more illumination the better. A room with several more or less dimmed points of light placed on tables, in a bookcase and on a windowsill gives a more layered look and exudes autumnal cosiness.

Bring Autumn Inside

While summer’s colourful flowers may have done most of their work in the garden this time of year, it doesn’t mean that it is the end. Tall grasses, twigs with wilting leaves and seedpods from perennials may be harvested and brought inside.

Place as solitary decorative objects in a vase such as the modern classic ‘Pallo’ by designer Carina Seth Andersson. Or assemble magnificent bouquets for the mighty ‘Kolonn’ vase, designed to commemorate the reopening of the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm. Both are made by hand at Skrufs Glasbruk in Sweden.

The Scent of Autumn

When temperatures drop and the wind is picking up it is time to lift the spirits by burning some incense or scented candles. We love delicate scents that don’t overpower the space but delicately shows their presence. Scents are a powerful medium to evoke memories and why not fill your home with scents of good memories?

If incense or candles are not your things, we suggest diffusers as a means to lovely scents that do not involve any fire. We use diffusers and scents from Aoiro. They are a design studio dedicated to developing delicate scents from all-natural essential oils.

Setting the Mood

As summer draws to an end it is time to take the party inside. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. With the right look and feel, a table set with thoughtfulness and attention to detail is the highlight of the season. Try the subdued tableware from Hasami Porcelain.

Ad linen table cloths and linen napkins from Alfred for a little sense of occasion, or set the table without for a less formal look. Don’t skimp on candles and by all means, mix new holders with vintage heirlooms.

Use features such as candles and floral arrangements to create a sense of multidimensionality to your dining table.

But First, Start with a Clean Slate

Everyone disfavours to clean, but everyone loves a clean house. Make sure to not skip this part before doing all the fun stuff.

Autumn is oftentimes a season of changes. A very easy and environmentally conscious one to make is skipping all intrusive and artificially smelling cleaning products and replacing them with probiotic cleaning products. Get rid of the chemicals and the sea of different bottles from your cleaning cupboard, all claiming different magical cleaning results. Replace them all with one general-purpose cleaner and one for tougher dirt for use in bathrooms and WC’s. Both are made by Swedish manufacturer Pure Effect. Learn more in our guide to cleaning with probiotics.


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