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A Ritualistic Journey Into the Light

The use of diya earthen lamps began thousands of years ago and continues to this day. Lit for all auspicious occasions – housewarmings, groundbreakings, weddings or the Hindu Diwali festival of lights – they are a celebration of life.

Lighting the diya, which is a ritual that is practised at dusk and dawn, symbolises one’s conscious attempt to move away from the darkness and step into the light. 

The diya’s soft round shape is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of a hand. The flame itself symbolises purity, goodness, enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge, while the oil in the lamp stands for the weaknesses in the human mind – hatred, greed and jealousy. When the cotton wick – the human soul – is set alight, it signifies that one is freed from selfish and materialistic thoughts.

The ‘Buenos Diay’ is brand Casegoods’s contemporary take on the traditional oil lamp and is cast in brass, a material known for its durability and humble elegance. Much of its beauty is found in the subtle variations of grain, figure and texture inherited from the material are deepened through use and patinate over time.


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