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A Secret Forest and Food for the Soul

We have a secret forest behind our house. It is where we go when we need to clear our heads. A short walk in our secret forest is all it takes for us to get grounded.

This week, we have needed many walks. As the world is spinning out of control, it is difficult to stay calm in the midst of chaos. There are so many voices predicting what the future holds. One voice we clearly remember from the past week is trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort, who had this to say in an interview with online design publication Dezeen. ”It seems we are massively entering a quarantine of consumption where we will learn how to be happy just with a simple dress, rediscovering old favourites we own, reading a forgotten book and cooking up a storm to make life beautiful.” Read the full interview here.

Today’s much-needed walk offered a beautiful surprise – a reminder of life’s simple pleasures. There, among the dead leaves and broken branches on the ground, the first leaves of wild garlic had penetrated the soil. The first sign of a new season to come. 

As they say, soup is good for the soul. Tonight, we will be eating wild garlic soup.

Wild Garlic Soup

1 large potato
2 tbsp vegetable stock
5 dl water
40 g wild garlic
1 dl double cream


1. Chop the potato in large pieces.

2. Cook the potato in water and stock until tender.

3. Add the wild garlic and cream and puree.

4. Season to taste.

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