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Cold Feet and Warm Soup

An overcast, windless morning, we packed our backpacks, laced up our hiking boots and set out to explore Snogeholm, an area located 10 kilometres north of TypeO. Spread out between the three lakes Sövdesjön, Snogeholmssjön and Ellestadssjön, the area offers ample space for outdoor activities such as birdwatching, fishing, foraging for mushrooms, gravel biking and – which we personally prefer – hiking. With several hiking trails of different lengths, we opted for the longest, the 16-kilometre Snogeholmsleden. Parking our car just east of Sövde lake, the first part of the trail runs through dense forests before reaching Snogeholm lake with views of the 1870 Snogeholm Castle. 

At halfway point, when our stomachs started to growl, we made our way to Soppverket, a small rustic alfresco eatery that Jessica Hermann runs out of her own backyard. Inviting us to gather around the fire, Hermann and her husband Andreas prepared a tomato soup over the open fire, topping it with yoghurt from nearby micro-dairy Elsekjell, roasted pinenuts and basil. Make sure to book this unique and utterly delicious dining experience a couple of days ahead of your visit.

Explore this and other tips to the region in TypeO’s Guide to Skåne and Österlen.

Photography: Federica Cappelletto and Micha van Dinther

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