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Pure Effect Clean Floor is a pH-neutral probiotic and efficient product for cleaner floors. Pure Effect Clean Floor uses non-toxic microbes and biotechnology to clean and sanitise. Microbes are nature’s own cleaners that break down dirt and bacteria. Pure Effect Clean Floor can be used on any floor that can withstand water. The healthy microbes in Pure Effect Clean Floor Continue to work even after the cleaning is done, which both prevents and eliminates unpleasant odours. The product is gentle and pH-balanced but has the ability to break down fat and grease. Limit use on oiled wood floors and refinish them when needed.

Includes: 300 ml bottle of Pure Effect Clean Floor

Dosage: Dosage in bucket (1:200).
Dilute 15 ml of concentrate in 3 litres of cold/lukewarm water.
Dilute 30 ml of concentrate in 6 litres of cold/lukewarm water.

Contents: 5-10% non-ionic surfactant, <5% amphoteric surfactant, perfumes, phenoxyethanol. Also contains bacterial culture, active fermentation extract and water.
Shelf life: An opened bottle is stable for 2 years. Store as with other cleaning products. Normal room temperature, not in direct sunlight.