Creamy Campanelle with Mushrooms and Cheese




Pasta, cream and cheese is a match made in heaven, and doesn’t require a whole lot more, if you ask us … For this dish, we’ve sourced the campanelle pasta from local artisanal pasta maker Pastafabriken (whose products consists of nothing but water and stoneground flour from the Swedish island of Öland), deliciously thick double cream from Furumossens Gårdsmejeri and an aged hard cow’s milk cheese from Soldattorpets Mejeri. Paired with sauteed organic mushrooms, this dish is a tasty vegetarian option.

This meal kit serves 2. All our dishes are made from scratch, and will involve some effort from your side. Upon arrival, all ingredients can be found in TypeO Loft’s kitchen, along with the recipe and clear cooking instructions. As we don’t carry a liquor license, we recommend dropping by liquor store Systembolaget on your way here.