Fusilli with ‘Nduja, Cheese and Tomato Sauce




When we discovered the charcuteries from Marsvinsholms Utegrisar, crafted at Marsvinsholm castle a few kilometres down the road, we knew we had to put on our menu. A personal favourite of ours is their ‘Nduja, a slightly spicy, spreadable pork salumi that originates from the southern Italian region of Calabria. This dish involves very little prep work, but comes with a big flavour payoff thanks to the rich tomato sauce, the fruity and nutty flavours from the local mature hard cheese and Pastafabriken‘s artisanal pasta made of nothing but flour (harvested and stoneground on the Swedish island of Öland) and water.

This meal kit serves 2. All our dishes are made from scratch, and will involve some effort from your side. Upon arrival, all ingredients can be found in TypeO Loft’s kitchen, along with the recipe and clear cooking instructions. As we don’t carry a liquor license, we recommend dropping by liquor store Systembolaget on your way here.