High Grade Living


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High-Grade Living, by Jaqui Lewis and Arran Russel, demonstrates how a strong foundation of meditation can benefit all areas of your life, from the home to relationships, creativity and happiness. The book examines how to audit, edit and refine your home through considered exercises on assessing excess and determining how well your possessions reflect who you are.
In an increasingly frenetic and fractured world, we have lost the essence of ourselves. High-Grade Living is a guide to stripping away artifice in your life to discover your ‘broad place’, where you come into contact with your higher self, the truth of yourself, as a creative and conscious human.

● Language: English
● Dimensions: L 265 x W 210 x H 24mm
● Pages: 208
● Format: Hardcover
● Publisher: Thames & Hudson
● ISBN: 9781760760342