Hand-Tufted Rug ‘Tekla’ Icy Caramel 211

 2.550,00 14.340,00


Crafted in delicately felted and hand-dyed wool combined with linen, the Tekla rug stands as a cherished classic and quintessential piece in Kasthall’s collection. Since its debut in the 2016 range, Tekla’s design has evolved, drawing rich inspiration from the varied shades of nature. This influence imparts an enhanced depth and texture to the rug, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the finesse of Swedish craftsmanship and design. Available in custom sizes upon request.

Please note that lead time is normally 6-8 weeks.

● Colour: Icy Caramel 211
● Material: pure wool (weft material), linen (warp material).
● Thickness: approx. 5 mm.
● Weight: approx. 2200 g/m².
● Dimensions: W 1400 x L 2000 mm, W 1700 x L 2400 mm, W 2000 x L 3000 mm, W 2500 x L 3500 mm, W 3000 x L 4000 mm, W 3500 x L 4500 mm, Ø 2400 mm