Oil Lamp ‘Dīpā’ Wide


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The ‘Dīpā’ oil lamp by Casegoods is machined and then finished by hand in solid brass. The untreated brass cylinder houses an oil reservoir to fuel the cotton wick. The polished concave spherical centre softly reflects the flickering light and enhances the flame. The package contains an oil lamp, a wick and a wick holder.

● Materials: Hand finished solid brass and cotton wick.
● Dimensions: Ø 100 x H 20 mm.
● Usage: Pour lamp or vegetable oil (not included) into the lamp until nearly full. Insert the wick into the wick holder and place it into the lamp with the wick protruding approximately 4 millimetres. Allow the wick to soak for a few minutes before lighting it.
● Care: The oil lamp will develop a patina through oxidation over time. Clean and polish periodically with a brass polish agent if you want to retain its golden sheen.
● Please note: When ignited, the lamp becomes hot. Please take care not to place it on any surface that may burn, such as for example wood and fabric.