Seasonal Fruit Crumble with Artisanal Vanilla Ice Cream




A personal favourite and a year-round go-to dessert, the delicious fruit crumble may be varied almost indefinitely and can be adapted to whatever is in season. This quintessential Swedish way to end a meal (or served alongside a cup of coffee as ‘fika’) is often served with vanilla ice cream – ours is a 500 ml tub from Järnaglass. Depending on when you stay with us, our fruit crumble contains whatever is in season, ranging from rhubarb in spring and early summer, strawberries around Midsummer, followed by blueberries, raspberries or blackberries before the local Österlen apples are ripe for the picking in autumn.

This meal kit serves 2. All our dishes are made from scratch, and will involve some effort from your side. Upon arrival, all ingredients can be found in TypeO Loft’s kitchen, along with the recipe and clear cooking instructions. As we don’t carry a liquor license, we recommend dropping by liquor store Systembolaget on your way here.