This is Us

We are Magnus Wittbjer, copywriter, devil’s advocate and doer extraordinaire, and Micha van Dinther, creative director, visionary and eternal enthusiast. Together we form TypeO, a creative union that was dreamt up in our minds after having spent many years working in various creative fields.

We started our online retail journey back in 2016 with only a handful of products. Over the years, TypeO has grown into an online design destination for curated goods for the home. Our starting point has remained the same – to supply items and furniture pieces of high quality that we ourselves love. We look to our own lives to find inspiration for the designs we carry.

Space to Be

TypeO has its base in Hunnestad, a short distance from the southern Swedish city of Ystad. A converted 1842 farmstead creates a setting for homelife and work. It is a place where creativity is generated and nurtured. It is also a place where we can enjoy a simplified and slower existence surrounded by nature.

In the summer of 2020, the time had finally come to share this spot with the world – something we had dreamt of ever since we first set foot here. TypeO Loft, our one-room slow living bed & breakfast, is our way to invite you into our world.

Over the years, TypeO has also evolved into a full-fledged communication, content and design studio that helps niche design and lifestyle brands get their message and stories across.

Let’s Talk

When you are ready to have a chat about your next project, feel free to reach out to us at +46 (0)705 87 49 09 or

If you rather have us contact you, please fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you very soon.