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Designers & Brands

The designers and brands that are represented by TypeO are all carefully curated to align with our own philosophy surrounding how to create a personal and comfortable home. The interior design objects that we hand-pick to be sold at TypeO all tell a story. Either about ourselves or about the maker and artisan.

We collaborate with talented artists and craftspeople that share our thoughts about creating beautiful and sustainable homes using solid, natural timeless materials. We believe that a home is something that is built over time and through careful selection of objects that speak to its owner.

The brands and design objects that you find at TypeO are not only new ones. We mix our new offerings from Hasami Porcelain, Frama, Marc Merckx and others, with old and characterful vintage objects from Scandinavian artists such as Carl-Harry Stålhane, Pierre Forsell and Terttu Tomero in order to give you an opportunity to assemble a serene, light and layered look, full of life and personality.


Gamla Lundavägen 418
271 91 Ystad

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