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Hario, founded in Tokyo in 1921, has become one of the premium choices for coffee lovers and those who enjoy an almost ritualistic way of brewing a perfectly extracted pour-over coffee. The iconic stainless steel kettle, the ceramic dripper and the tempered glass coffee pot are all part of a coffee-making infrastructure that coffee enthusiasts all over the world have come to love.

The V60 coffee brewing equipment, which gets its name from vector 60 (the 60º angle of its cone), was developed in Japan where the preparation of a perfect cup of coffee is taken as seriously as making tea. It is a great way of making coffee without an arsenal of equipment and it also gives you control of pouring the hot water over the coffee grinds. An important factor when finding the sweet spot for extracting all the flavours out of your freshly ground beans.


Gamla Lundavägen 418
271 91 Ystad

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