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Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk is a manufacturer of various household goods such as towels, brushes, washcloths, pot holders and more, made by skilled craftsmen, using nothing but sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials. Iris Hantverk has been in business for well over a century and the first shop opened in 1906 in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. At the time, brushes of all kinds were used for cleaning the house, personal hygiene and garden work. Throughout the company’s history, the workforce has been made up of visually impaired individuals, who have used their sensory skills to master the craft of brush binding.

We are very happy to be able to feature the products from Iris Hantverk. They are made according to age-old traditions by a company that adheres to a long-standing ethos of transparency, sustainability, craftsmanship and preservation of old ways.

Iris Hantverk Table Brush Set

Gamla Lundavägen 418
271 91 Ystad

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