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Mizar & Alcor

Mizar & Alcor, founded by Efe Serio, Emel Serio and Daniel Shavit, represents the harmonious union of East and West and the integration of tradition into modern life. Established on Turkey’s Turquoise coast, the brand is dedicated to embracing artisanal skills from ancestral traditions and merging them with contemporary design inspired by Mediterranean and African cultures. Working closely with local artisans who follow time-honoured processes, Mizar & Alcor combines elegance and functionality with ethical production, supporting local economies while celebrating the beauty and rich history of handmade items.

The company’s textiles are handwoven using sustainable materials such as certified 100% organic cotton and linen, which are lightweight, energy-efficient fibres that have been tested for human and environmental safety. Mizar & Alcor’s artisans, who have been engaged in weaving for five generations, aim to revitalize the rich textile culture of Anatolia by involving family members in the process of producing their products. The brand ensures fair wages and comprehensive health coverage for its artisans and is committed to minimizing its environmental impact.

TypeO Mizar & Alcor Bahia Black robe organic linen cotton

Gamla Lundavägen 418
271 91 Ystad

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