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Founded by Anna Göransson Södergren and Malin Myllymäki in 2018, Swedish olfactory brand Quod’s ethos is simplicity and sustainability. The duo, with backgrounds in fashion and beauty, wanted to offer an environmentally friendly and vegan option to all the paraffin and stearin scented candles on the market and opted for organic soy wax.

The entire Quod candle – from the wax to the vessel and the carton it comes in – is produced by skilled craftsmen in Sweden. The wax derives from a small factory located on the outskirts of Stockholm, the ceramic vessels are made at the former Rörstand factory just outside Lidköping and the packaging, made from recycled paper, is from Norrmalms Kartongfabrik.


Gamla Lundavägen 418
271 91 Ystad

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