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Skrufs Glasbruk

The history of Skruf Glassworks, or Skrufs Glasbruk, which is the name in Swedish, starts in 1896 when the family-owned glassworks were founded. Over the years many renowned designers and artists, such as Ingegerd Råman, Bengt Edenfalk, Lars Hellsten and Matilda Rignér have been instrumental contributors in the success of Skruf Glassworks through their famed glass designs.

Today, Skruf is owned by the Elm family, who have worked closely with Swedish designer Carina Seth Andersson to breathe new life into the company’s artisanal roots. To this day, every step in the manufacturing process is done by hand. Skruf Glassworks is one of few independently owned glassworks in Sweden, a Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden and producer of well-known designs such as the ’Pallo’ and ’Kolonn’ vases, the ’Bellmann’ glass service, and the ’Rainman’ carafe.

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