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Making the Perfect Bed

While staying up late might be the more glamorous option, we have to admit that we love hitting the hay early most nights. Sleep is a vital, often neglected, part of wellbeing. 

While there are plenty of proven tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, we feel that converting the bedroom, and the bed in particular, to a zone of comfort and relaxation is key. Here’s what we look for when making the perfect bed.

Mattresses and Headboards

A mattress is a mattress, right? No, not at all. The difference between a low-cost mattress, completely comfortable at first, and a high-quality one is its durability. With an average of 229 961 hours of sleep in a lifetime, it might be wise to think of how you spend those hours.

For TypeO Loft, we opted for a bed from local Swedish brand Dux, which has 90 years of research and development in the art of sleeping, and a minimalist headboard by Norm for Dux to go along with it.

Pillows and Comforters

It’s a jungle out there in the world of pillows and comforters, as they come in all shapes, sizes, materials and price points. Ultimately, choosing the right items for you is very much about personal preference.

Do you like your pillow firm or soft? Do you get cold or warm while sleeping? In what climate do you live? All these questions will affect your choice. With that said, we always recommend spending that little extra money on these items, as they will be with you for a while.


Choosing bedding is fun – while the mattress, pillows and comforters are to be seen as a blank, yet very important canvas, the bedding is where you get to play with materials, textures and colours to create an expression that feels uniquely you.

For TypeO Loft, we have chosen Swedish bed linen brand Read The Label’s organic and Fairtrade-certified clean white cotton satin, which provides a comfortable cool sensation against the skin. 

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Decorative Cushions

While some people might prefer a simpler, minimalist approach to bedding, many use cushion arrangements for a fuller look, to create a more homey feeling that has you just want to dive into bed.

We like to use decorative pillows in hues that are related, throwing in the odd colour splash for some drama. Dutch brand By Mölle is our go-to for everything cushion-related.

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For a fail-free finishing touch, a throw will give that last addition of colour and texture to the final look. But why is it so hard to find throws that are big enough to cover the entire end of the bed?

After searching all over, we found Belgian brand Alfred’s extra-large merino wool throws to be perfect for mastering that layered look we’re after.

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