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The Five Must-Reads of 2019

With the digital world occupying more and more of our day, we eagerly yearn for those pockets of time where we can put our devices aside for some one-on-one time with a book or a magazine.

Reading is quality time – for both mind and soul. Here are five printed works we currently like to get lost in.

Vincent Van Duysen Works 2009–2018

If you’re to get only one book, this is it. Book of the year, hands down. Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen is known for his warm minimalism and does it like no one else. Inspiring, meditative and thoughtful, all in one.


In keeping with the Belgian theme, a nation whose aesthetics we admire deeply, we’d like to introduce you to a newcomer. Independent magazine Akt explores Belgiums creative landscape and was founded by our dear friends Jessy Van Durme, writer, designer and stylist, and Piet Albert Goethals, photographer. The first-ever issue of Akt is our now.

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Birthday Girl

We know, we’re late for the party. We are probably the last in the world to discover Haruki Murakami’s work. But better late than never, right? After having read ’Men Without Women’ on a recent vacation, we can’t wait for the release of ’Birthday Girl’, published to celebrate Murakami’s 70th birthday.

Cereal City Guide Paris

Close friends from the US have invited us to join them on a spring trip to Paris, and we can’t wait to explore the city of lights with them. Months in advance, we’ve already begun research on what to see, do, shop and (above all) eat. Cereal’s guide to Paris is right up our alley, with its carefully selected itinerary that you’ll without a doubt be seeing on our Instagram in the very near future.

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The Eye

Last but not least is a book we’ve already recommended, but feel really deserves extra attention. In it, Nathan Williams, founder of iconic publication Kinfolk, meets up with 90 of the world’s leading creative directors to understand how they developed their ”eye”.

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