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The Scentsational Home

Smell is humankind’s most powerful sense, and it is a proven fact that we feel better and more at ease in a space that smells fresh. But selecting a home fragrance to create a nose-friendly space isn’t as easy as just picking the first scented candle you come across. 

TypeO explores the options and selects five scent-national tried and tested products we love.

Scented Candles

Are you on team candle, or on team diffuser? We would argue that both have their raison d’être in a modern home. Scented candles are best for an intimate moment, like a bath or a dinner, as the warm, flickering light sets a mood, too.

We adore Swedish brand Quod’s smoky and woody ’No 1 Black Wood’ candle.

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Scent Diffusers

With diffusers, the main benefit is that you can set them down and completely forget about them. They continuously emanate a scent, but sometimes it is hard to control its intensity.

That is why we appreciate Berlin-based olfactory studio Aoiro’s scent diffuser, which is great for different sorts of botanical essences that don’t dominate a space entirely.

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Room Sprays

If you’re looking for a quick fix to cover up odours in bathrooms, kitchens and closets, reach for a room spray. An instant mist will make any foul odour dissipate shortly after spritzing, but will only last for so long.

We have tried and tested Aoiro’s ’Hakudo Rain’ room perfume in the most demanding situations, and it comes highly recommended.

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If incense brings to mind that hippie backpacking trip to India in the 1970s, think again. Today’s incense is sophisticated and chic.

Cinnamon Projects’s chic Japanese-style incense sticks, which come beautifully packaged, becomes a beautiful ritual home ritual that you can enjoy on your own or with someone special.

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Cedar Closet Accessories

Throughout the years, we have tried many a product to get rid of that stale smell that clothes get from too much time in drawers and closets. But we keep returning to cedarwood, which is an all-natural solution that absorbs moisture and odours, repels moths and gives a clean and discreet scent.

Try cedar hangers or rings, or little bags of cedar chips.

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