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When Life’s a Beach in Österlen

Southern Sweden’s and Österlen’s beaches are world-famous (in Sweden) and perhaps rightly so. They often stretch over long distances and the fine grain white sand is soft and warm to put your blanket on. Best of all, the drive from TypeO Loft is not long, and as a bonus, the roads are pretty scenic.

Österlen’s beaches are with few exceptions located in rather rural settings, which is one of their major advantages. You will be sure not to have to elbow your way to a sand dune or skip your way over others to get to the water. You will find lovely beaches all along the Skåne coastline but here are some of our personal favourites in no particular order.


Sandhammaren might be the most famed of the local beaches as it bears the official title of the best beach in Sweden. The gleaming white fine sand dunes follow the coastline for over five kilometres and provide plenty of space for swimmers, kite surfers and sunbathers alike.

On the busiest days on weekends and high season weeks in July and August parking spots might be scarce. A top tip is to head to the western part of Sandhammaren at Tyge Å, via Backåkra.

Knäbäckshusen & Rörum

This sandy beach is nothing short of breathtaking. Even before reaching it, the roads leading down to it are quiet, winding and remind us of summers in southern Europe as you pass one or two little vineyards on the way.

This beach is long but narrow. Large oak trees hang out over the water and provide shade if needed. Bring a picnic basket as this secluded national park is devoid of any restaurants or food huts.

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Löderups strandbad

Löderups strandbad might very well be the epicenter of beach life in Skåne. With plenty of parking, restaurants and ice cream stands, the beach is busier than most in the area. If you want to see and be seen and don’t mind being a little closer to strangers than on other beach locations, this might be the ideal spot.

Renowned restaurant Strandkompaniet will keep your growling stomach quiet both for lunch and dinner if you like to stay late.


A little closer to us at TypeO Loft, Mossbystrand offers both fine white sand dunes covered in reed to protect against the wind. As per usual, the crowds congregate close to the official parking, where the ice cream stand also happen to be set up.

It is highly recommended to head a little further west, either on foot or by car, if you are looking for some privacy and quiet time. And if you’re feeling peckish, the awesomely quaint little restaurant at Hörte brygga, another couple of kilometres west, is a fantastic destination for some food.


The beach at Haväng is reached via some of Skåne’s prettiest winding roads through apple orchards and rolling hills. Set up your beach camp for the day on top of the grassy fields to enjoy the view or head down to the narrow strip of sand to swim. The water can best be referred to as “refreshing”, even at the height of summer but the vibe in the area is nothing short of magical.

The area is so vast and the elbow room is plentiful so no need to worry about feeling crowded. But as per usual, try to get as far away from the parking as possible.

Discover All Our Favourite Spots in Österlen and Skåne

Discover All Our Favourite Spots in Österlen and Skåne


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