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Pedalling Your Way Through Skåne

Looking for a quiet bed & breakfast getaway in Skåne? Like to spend your time off riding your bike? Whether you prefer gently rolling along the quiet roads on your e-bike or assuming the most aero position on your precious carbon road bike, the roads around TypeO Loft are perfect for road cyclists.

Unlike other parts of Skåne, traffic is light and not very hectic and motorists are more often than not courteous. Being cyclists ourselves, we have found a few different loops that we really enjoy and that all start at TypeO Loft.

Hunnestad – Högestad – Baldringe

This is a 26 km loop that starts with a bit of a climb up the hill from TypeO Loft, past lake Krageholm, through a lush forest and out onto a tree-lined road that leads past Krageholm Manor.

Keep going out of the village of Sövesta towards Högestad over open fields and rolling hills. By Högesta castle, take a left and follow the scenic road towards Baldringe. At the church, make another left turn and follow the winding and very quiet road back towards Sövesta. At the main road, turn left again and then right at the Sövesta church (where you can stop for coffee at Ladan & Loftet). You are now back at the same road that you started and that will take you back to TypeO Loft.

Hunnestad – Blentarp – Slimminge

This 40 km loop is one of our favourites. Perfect length for a good workout including a coffee place about midpoint at Blentarp. Starting at TypeO Loft, head northwest along a perfectly smooth back road towards the town of Blentarp. This is where you might want to stop for a coffee at Wahlgrens, which is a popular coffee shop and bakery, to gather some strength and motivation for a climb that puts most of us amateurs to shame.

Head through town and find your way towards Slimminge and that long uphill battle. However, on the other side comes the downhill reward. And people say Skåne is flat as a pancake … Exiting Slimminge, make a left turn towards Rögla. The rest of the way continues to be almost devoid of traffic and takes you along undulating roads, climbs and descents all the way back to the starting point.

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Hunnestad – Nybrostrand – Ystad – Svarte

A 46 km loop that starts the same way as number one on this list of bike rides in Skåne close to TypeO Loft. It is a fairly easy ride with less change in altitude that takes you over the fields down to the sandy beaches along Nybrostrand and Ystad. In summer, the Danish pastries at Fritidsbaren beg for a stop.

Once you reach Nybrostrand, you can follow a separate bike path away from the traffic along the main road that takes you back to Ystad, along the beach to Svarte, where you make a right towards Marsvinsholm Castle which is a very pretty house built in 1648, when Skåne was part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Pass the castle and continue under the highway and back to where you started.

Hunnestad – Ystad – Kåseberga

With about 65 km there and back, this ride is a perfect combo of exercise, sightseeing and perhaps stop for lunch, dinner or just a refreshing beer at the old fishing hamlet in Kåseberga. Kåseberga is also home to an ancient megalithic monument that dates back to the Nordic Iron Age and attracts plenty of visitors in the summer months.

The bike ride itself is easy, fairly flat and, depending on your exact route, often separate from vehicular traffic. Ride along the water, through Ystad, through pine forests and finally over the plains towards your destination at Kåseberga. On the way back, you can make a left at Nybrostrand and find your way back via Högestad.

Hunnestad – Hörte – Skanör Falsterbo

140 km there and back, it is not really a loop, but rather a beautiful ride along the ocean. Choose your own point of return and enjoy the sense of freedom of riding your bike along the water. If you choose to go on an all-day excursion, we suggest riding all the way to the seaside resort towns of Skanör and Falsterbo.

Stop for a beer and some food at Hörte Brygga on the way. Most of the ride will take place on separate bike paths away from traffic and the land is almost flat for the duration of the ride. Once in Skanör, have a bite at one of the restaurants in the harbour or just settle for ice cream at Da Aldo, before heading back.

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Discover All Our Favourite Spots in Österlen and Skåne


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