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Mastering the Art of Swedish ’Fika’

As a visitor in Sweden, chances are great that one of the first Swedish words you encounter is ’fika’. The ritual, often enjoyed multiple times a day, is so much more than just a coffee and tea break. It is a social event, creating connections, and enjoyed anywhere, and at any time.

At TypeO, we certainly can’t live without our fika. Here are five essentials for an even prettier fika-break.

Kerch Kafferosteri ’Special’ Roast

For us, a nice roast is the foundation of a satisfying fika. Although we are fans of the third wave coffee movement, we like to save speciality coffee for special occasions. While traditional Swedish coffee is strong and darkly roasted, Stockholm-based roaster Kerch Kafferosteri offers something in the middle, perfect for a quick fika at the office.

Moheim Stoneware Mug

One can’t have too many mugs. A recent favourite is the stoneware mug by Japanese brand Moheim – glazed on the inside, and with a matte satin finish on the outside, its minimal design merges tactility and function. 

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Teministeriet ’Recover’ Ayurveda Tea

Teministeriet, a Malmö-based brand that specialises in both tea and coffee, offers an ayurvedic line of teas we just can’t stop sipping. ’Recover’ boosts the immune system and relieves muscle pain with the help of ginger, clove and black pepper. 

Hasami Porcelain Tea Pot

A recent addition to Hasami Porcelain’s line of modular and stackable tableware is this gorgeous teapot with a built-in metal tea strainer. Sleek and comfortable to the touch, it captures what the brand is all about – merging traditional Japanese craftsmanship with contemporary design.

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Hasami Porcelain tea pot in natural matte

Alexandra Nilasdotter Ceramic Pitcher

Swedish ceramist Alexandra Nilasdotter likes to explore functionality in all her pieces. Her pitcher is a perfect example of how her work – at first glance – almost looks cast, rather than thrown. The inside is glazed while the outside is in a natural matt finish.

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