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So Many New Places to See, So Little Time …

We love Skåne and it seems we aren’t alone. The pandemic has certainly not put a damper on things in Skåne, where a line of local creatives have been busy setting up a slew of new restaurants, cafés, shops, coffee roasters, yoga studios and more in recent months. In listing all our favourite 2021 hotspots around the region, we’ve had to abandon our regular selection of only five, and believe that the old saying ”the more the marrier” is better when it comes to summer in Skåne. Happy exploring!

Ps. Are you missing any of your own 2021 favourites in Skåne? Drop us a line at and let us know!

JH Matbar

It is about time that Ystad, one of Sweden’s summer epicentres, gets a spot where you can just drop by for a glass of magnificent wine and a plate of finger-licking good food. JH Matbar offers just that, and much more.

Run by young husband-and-wife team Christoffer and Malin Jedenstam Herbst, the casual venue takes bookings but also takes a number of walk-ins each night. The food is seasonal, mostly local and quite ambitious, and clearly delivers in terms of flavour.

Common Room

As of 2021, the coastal village of Kåseberga is so much more than a tourist trap (albeit a good one, and a bit of a must-visit for the Ale Stenar megalithic monument). With the opening of Common Room, which calls itself “a boutique hostel and gathering place for explorers”, a new breed of trendy and outdoorsy types are invading the quaint village.

Visitors are met by a dark and rustic cabin-like reception area that also doubles as a retail space. Here, you can pick up a Pendleton blanket and a Stanley thermos for your next camping trip.

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Kåseberga Surf Co

Another hotspot in Kåseberga, Kåseberga Surf Co is a hang-out spot for those passionate about surfing. Aside from renting a board or SUP, you’ll also be able to buy the sleek boards designed by owner Christian Dittrich.

Susanne, his wife, also contributes with her handmade ceramics and regularly hosts ceramic evening workshops. If you’d rather stay dry and have your feet firmly planted in the Scanian soil, this is also a great spot for specialty coffee and homemade pastries.

Gamla Bageriet

By now, you’ll be familiar with how much we love cinnamon rolls. At this point, it is pretty much a lifestyle. We are on a constant search for that next cinnamon roll fix, hoping that our next one surpasses the previous one.

At Gamla Bageriet bakery in Örnahusen, they have their large assortment of baked goods and bread down to a t. This brand new spot (although ‘gamla’, Swedish for ‘old’ indicated otherwise) is cosy and rustic, and fills the cramped village street with people and cars queueing for a taste of patisserie heaven.

Öl & Knäcke

With regular pizzas found in even the smallest of towns across the region, Bella and Jonas Kempe set out to create something a bit more unusual. Öl & Knäcke, which translates to beer and crispbread, serves up low-alcohol beer and crispbread pizza in a revamped barn.

The rye crispbread they use originates from the city of Leksand, home of Swedish crispbread, and toppings include bleak roe, gruyere cheese and caramelized onions.

Grönby Gårdscharkuteri

A favourite among some of the region’s finest chefs, Grönby Gårdscharkuteri produces a large selection of top-quality charcuteries. All meats are locally sourced and prepared without additives, and are sold at the onsite farm shop.

If you’re hungry, why not pick up one of Grönby’s homemade sourdough pizzas, loaded with meats, cheese and veggies, straight out of the wood-fired oven? Natural wines and their very own “Grönby champagne” is available to wash it all down.

Olaols Gelato

If you have meandered out of your vacation cocoon and find yourself all the way over in Simrishamn, we strongly suggest a visit to Olaols Gelato. A gelateria in the truest form, the artisanal Italian ice cream made on-site by couple Stefan and Ottilia at their quaint farmstead Norrevångsgården.

The flavours vary according to seasonal changes and the availability of local ingredients. If ice cream is not your thing, have a waffle, a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and just relax in the leafy and quiet cobblestoned courtyard.

Bjerreds Station

Bjerreds Station is admittedly a bit of a drive from TypeO Loft. Nevertheless worth the journey to this former resort town, built around health and relaxation for the well to do. The restaurant is housed in the old train station, constructed in 1901 and recently renovated to create a colonial vibe.

The restaurant is open all day and serves lunch and dinner in the dining room (book a table) or on the patio, which is drop-in only and open when weather permits. If you don’t feel like eating a full meal, stop by for coffee or a drink.

Ladan & Loftet

Is coffee and yoga a good combo? The folks at Ladan & Loftet certainly seem to think so. In Sövestad, our neighbouring village, two families have teamed up to revamp an old barn – the bottom floor is dedicated to roasting coffee and serving Swedish ‘fika’, while the top floor is transformed into a magnificent yoga studio.

Find your zen and then perk back up with a cup of your favourite brew.


Ruth’s is a beacon in Malmö’s restaurant world. In 2021 the name changed from Bastard and along with a new concept became Ruth’s. Still the same dedicated staff, skilled chefs and delicious foods in a cosmopolitan setting.

Ruth’s is open all day from early in the morning to late at night. Apart from being a really good restaurant, it also functions as a bakery and deli under the supervision of chef and part-owner Andreas Dahlberg.


In an old shipyard warehouse, restaurant Aster opens up its doors in the summer of 2021 and becomes Malmö’s new neighbourhood eatery in the city’s developing western parts. The owner trio aims for a convivial and familial vibe with lots of shared meat and fish dishes, often prepared over an open fire, which is chef Sahin Erdal’s passion.

Produce and other ingredients are sourced from the proprietary farm, located in the country, just outside the town of Lund. The rest of the team made up of Mimmi and Linus Montán-Elveroth both have a solid background within the industry as well as a shared passion for delicious cocktails.


Niina and Jonas Lilja did what we, and many others in the region, have done before – packed our bags and left urban life behind to start afresh in a rural setting. Since landing on the Frideborg farm just outside of Gislöv, they have let their imagination run freely.

Brick Österlen merges all their passions as one joint “meeting spot”, where coffee, art, retail, hospitality and events all play an important part in the mix.


A parking lot in a bland industrial area on the outskirts of Malmö is the unlikely place for the city’s hottest pizza spot. Here, foodies flock and queue for a taste of some of the finest Neapolitan pizzas around.

Make sure to get her in time (or check social media for daily status), as these pizzas sell out quickly.

Discover All Our Favourite Spots in Österlen and Skåne

Discover All Our Favourite Spots in Österlen and Skåne


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