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Another season and more of our favourites...

After a number of years as Skåne residents, we have come to enjoy what the region has to offer when it comes to places to visit and – not to mention our preferred pastime – eat at. So much creativity and industrious talent is hard at work to infuse this southern region with year-round capabilities in feeding visitors and locals with both food and drinks as well as destinations to enjoy, regardless of the season or weather. Welcome to Skåne in 2022. Here’s a list of our favourites.

Ps. Are you missing any of your own 2021 favourites in Skåne? Drop us a line at and let us know!


Malmö was once the home to the highest number of restaurants and bars per capita in all of Sweden. Whether or not that record still stands, we don’t know. However with restaurant Bise, local restauranteurs Arvid Falk and Ludvig Fredriksson has opened restaurant and bar, not adhering to a specific cuisine or concept.

With this latest addition to the Malmö restaurant scene, good food, inspired by great tastes from all over the world is to be enjoyed in a relaxed, fun and easy going atmosphere.

Beekind Ice Cream

Hörte Brygga, right on the south coast of Skåne, has been our personal favourite for many years. As part of its iteration, owners Martin Sjöstand and wife Emma have opened Beekind Ice cream just behind the restaurant in the form of a stationary ice cream truck.

The ice cream is made by local ingredients and flavoured in the same fashion. Toppings are made in house and so are the cones that are made with flour from ”heirloom” grains.

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When Agnes Hansson found the perfect space in a perfect location, she did not hesitate to realize one of her dreams. This resulted in a combo of a wine bar, lunch and dinner eatery as well as a pastry shop.

Located at Davidshallstorg, one of the most sought after addresses in Malmö, the tiny locale is as quaint as its surroundings. Drop in for a coffee, or a glass of wine or a quick meal before or after browsing the many quirky shops in the area.


Italian food, healthy food, coffee shop and retail therapy. Östangård is an all in one beautiful solution to brighten any dreary day. Start in the vintage clothing shop, continue through the café and finish at the restaurant.

The in between time can easily be spent expressing oohs and aaaahs while gazing at the view. And you can even spend the night!

Lillaro Café

Clear across Skåne from us TypeO Loft lies Lillaro Café. As the name implies, light meals, coffee and baked goods can be had here. The drive to Lillaro in Förslöv is time well spent. Once there, all challenges of everyday life dissipate.

Have a seat in one of the many ”rooms” in the cute, quaint and quirky garden or keep warm inside by the cast iron stove. If you are lucky there’s home made bread for sale and if you are even luckier, the wood fired pizza oven is on as well. Open on Sundays only.

Discover All Our Favourite Spots in Österlen and Skåne

Discover All Our Favourite Spots in Österlen and Skåne


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