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A Museum for Consumption

Entering the Andreas Murkudis shop on Potsdamer Straße in Berlin’s Schöneberg district is almost sacral. The daily newspaper Tagesspiegel’s former print shop is bright, quiet and exudes tranquillity, contrasting sharply to the fast-paced retail norm.

With a past as a museum director, Andreas Murkudis has turned his retail space into a museum-like venue where hand-picked wares, clothes, accessories, interior items jewellery and more can be perused in a stress-free environment.

Not much at Andreas Murkudis can be labelled as ’trendy’. Instead, the curated selection speaks for itself in a timeless and understated way. This is why we love Andreas Murkudis and keep coming back. To be inspired and to shop, without check-out lines and without ’muzac’, for small brands and creations by up-and-coming artists and designers.

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