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Myths Through Mists

We first came in touch with Stockholm-based niche perfumer Stora Skuggan – named after a location in the northern part of Sweden – in 2015 after having picked up a bottle of ’Fantôme de Maules’, the brand’s first creation, at Nitty Gritty. We were struck by how complex and sophisticated the scent was, considering how young the perfumery itself was.

Stora Skuggan is built on the idea of dispersing stories that are on the border between reality and fiction – myths, but taken from real life.

A couple of weeks ago, we dropped by the newish storefront in Stockholm to take a closer look at their latest creations – ’Silphium’ and ’Moonmilk’. None of which disappoint. Make sure to include Stora Skuggan in your Stockholm itinerary.

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