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Floral art

At TypeO, we share the opinion that a design store no longer can be just a store that sells design. It has to be more. Today’s evolving retail climate, and the consumer’s yearning for an inspiring experience, demands it. That is why we see a new breed of design stores also offering great coffee, a dining experience or even the possibility to stay overnight.

So why should a florist settle for selling flowers? We recently visited Tableau in Copenhagen, a very different flower shop created by Julius Værnes Iversen. Studio David Thulstrup, the creator of the new Noma, has used architecture and design to create a platform where flowers would shine and stand out.

Using custom-made podiums – in glass, metals or stone –, the geometric and cold shapes juxtapose the living flora in a striking way. The 168 sq m storefront was stripped from many layers of paint and wallpaper to expose raw concrete, and at the far end of the space is an illuminated plant stand formed as a cylinder.

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