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Homey Cooking

We love Skåne, the southern Swedish region which we’ve called home for the last decade, and are always thrilled when talented entrepreneurs and creatives return ”home” after having spread their wings elsewhere. 

After having spent seven years in Oslo running Michelin-starred restaurant Bokbacka, Swedish chef Simon Weinberg did just that – and brought his lovely Norwegian wife Henriette Bertheussen with him back. This summer, the couple opened Weinbergs, a boutique hotel and farm bistro located in a traditional farmstead just outside of the city of Trelleborg. 

A beautiful courtyard with a massive tree in the centre greets us upon arrival, as we head for our table in the ornamented conservatory. Here, we’re treated to a feast consisting of dishes that celebrate the season and the region’s bountiful produce, most of it grown in the kitchen garden. It is terrific to have yet another world-class on our doorstep. And at a fraction of the price a meal like this would have cost in Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo. Go now!

Weinbergs, as well as all of our other favourite Skåne hotspots, are listed in TypeO’s Guide to Skåne. 

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