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Dinner at the End of the World

So, the TypeO purchasing team was out scouting in Cape Town in South Africa for interesting objects for the shop. Unaccustomed to driving on the right, we mixed up some turns and ended up in a secluded and quaint fishing village with the clerical name of Paternoster. Quiet streets, whitewashed houses and a wind-beaten beach on which we were offered to buy fresh lobsters, clams and other delicacies right of the boats.

Not too keen on preparing our own meal, we found the sign Wolfgat – which roughly translates to fox lair – posted on yet another white facade. A simple wooden door with flaking and fading paint hid a 20-seat culinary surprise. Based on seasonally and sustainably sourced local ingredients, predominantly seafood-based menus are created into pieces of edible art by chef Kobus van der Merwe. This remote, small-scale al fresco dining experience was a true treat, and we will definitely return for more. The view is also hard to beat!

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