TypeO at Allé

Rustic meets Refined at TypeO at Allé

For centuries, artists and creatives have journeyed to rural Österlen, on Sweden’s south-eastern tip, in search of its rare light and exceptional landscape. Surrounded by oceans and rolling fields, the local community’s laid-back and bohemian outlook is a way of life.

To celebrate the uniqueness and plenitude of the region – TypeO’s home base – we staged a two-week event when Scandinavian summer is at its peak. Teaming up with culinary destination Allé in the beautiful Stenshuvud National Park, we convert a traditional Swedish timber frame barn to a temporary arena for art, design and crafts. TypeO curated a site-specific exhibition, and the adjoining space was transformed into a pop-up retail experience featuring select designers, artists and brands.

Location: Österlen, Sweden
Photography and styling: TypeO